About Us

Hank Huitema founded Kalos Engineering Inc. in 2012 to provide dedicated structural engineering and project management consulting services to select clients.  Hank has been in the consulting engineering business for over 25 years.  Kalos Engineering Inc. now employs a small, dedicated team of engineering and support professionals.

Kalos Engineering Inc. has established itself as a company of integrity and quality service. These principles are fundamental in the consulting industry to provide reliable and timely services to clients. Designs must be accurate yet efficient to meet today’s demanding market for timely delivery and cost effective designs. This diverse building and client type experience of the engineers at Kalos Engineering Inc. has served well in the work completed to date and will be beneficial in this assignment.

Scope of Services Offered

Kalos Engineering Inc. provides services in the following core business fields:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Total Building Design
  • Project Management
  • Total Project Management


Structural Engineering